How To Decorate Your Home

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How To Decorate Your Home

Home is where the heart is and for a house to be called a home, it should have some personal touches all around. When you decorate a house to call it your home, you tend to put in a lot of effort, thought and money into it. Sometimes we are clueless as to what to do where and sometimes we just don’t know how to execute the ideas in our head. When you flip through magazines, you get ideas and inspirations. When you see similar items in a shop and enquire the cost, many times we drop that idea. It is not necessary to spend a large sum of money on decoration, in order to have it look like what you liked in the book. Sometimes cost-effective alternates have the same effect too. Here are a few ideas for how and where to decorate your house:


Try to follow a theme for each of the bedrooms. This will not only make it look unique but will give a break from the usual monotonous theme followed throughout the house. Some people tend to follow a single theme all over, to make it look as a whole. Though this may look good at first, over a period of time it can tend to get boring. The theme could be based on the wall color or your furniture. If your master bedroom is big and spacious, you can go in for a medieval theme.

    You can get
  • a four-poster bed with carvings on the headboard
  • matching bedside tables or dresser
  • carved mirror
  • a chair for the corner of the room, where you can sit in and look out the window or read

For the kids’ room, go in for something bright and lively. Kids generally love colors and studies show colors have an impact on our moods. Rather than going in for multiple colors, choose a color family or theme and decorate the room accordingly. their desks, beds, cupboards, and curtains can be based on the theme. Ensure you don’t go in for something too light or expensive as kids tend to damage things unintentionally, at one point or the other. Even if you can protect it from damages, your child may want to change things around when they grow up, which requires more investment. Hence it is wiser to not invest too much in their rooms at first.

Kitchen & Foyer

Whether the whole household enters the kitchen or not, this is one place that out to be bright and sunny. Go in for a color that is not only pleasing to the eyes but is also light and calming. Light colors reflect more light and make the room look bigger. We tend to accumulate things in the kitchen as and when a new gadget is introduced or someone gifts something to us. Unlike the rest of the house, here we don’t generally discard the old set of glasses or other cutlery when you get a new one. we tend to horde and this results in a cluttered or a too full kitchen. It is better to have a number of cabinets for this purpose and to furnish it comfortably. What you see in an advertisement or is recommended as modular kitchen fittings may not be right for you at all times. Sometimes a mix of modern and traditional fittings will work better and be light on the pocket too. Also, try not to buy all the electronic and latest gadgets available. Many of these gadgets these days have multiple purposes. So be careful in choosing in such a way that they don’t overlap each other’s purposes. This will not only save you some money but will also occupy lesser space.


The foyer is the first place your guests will see. Even if you don’t have a separate area as a foyer, do something different at the entryway. The place your guests are going to step in first when they enter the house can look different from the rest of the house. You can paint the wall in a different texture, go in for designer tiles or even hang a nice painting with tasteful lights focusing on it. This will make your entire house look grand and unique.


How We Can Help

We have been in the business of decorating and beautifying houses for decades. It is our job to turn a normal regular brick house into a spectacular home that can speak volumes without you having to say a word. We firmly believe your home is a reflection of you. it conveys the personality of each and every member in the family or those who live in it. Be it you, your spouse or children, you are bound to have different tastes and preferences. It is our job to identify what suits you and what makes you happy and bring it into the decoration part, in such a way that it is seamless and has a flow. It is easy to say you like brown and do up your room in brown, and do up the kids’ room in blue because they are boys. However, this is not what you exactly need and you are sure to look for something more. Despite having a color preference, we work with you and your family to know what type of décor you have in mind. Wondering how we are so sure of bringing that particular taste or requirement? We have enough experience to know and understand what our client means when they mention something from a book or a movie or a random thought. We will have a discussion or two with the whole family to get a feel for your needs and work accordingly. These briefing sessions will help us build a rapport with all of you, this will enable us to convey our thoughts and ideas better. If you have a number of ideas about the décor in your home or have no clue, we can help! Let us visit you, talk to you and show you what we have done in the past. We can make a big difference and change a regular house into something unique.